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 School brochure

Our core math program is Math Expressions. In addition, Cognitively Guided Instruction (CGI) problem solving is incorporated as our Signature Practice. CGI is an educational philosophy applied to the content area of mathematics. CGI is based on 20 years of research and centers on mathematical problem solving. The focus is on children’s thinking, and students are asked to explain their reasoning process, share their explanations with the class, and justify their strategies. Teachers learning to use the CGI method are given intensive professional development. All teachers at Estock are trained in CGI.

Balanced literacy is the structure utilized in all Estock classrooms to ensure that students are provided with multiple opportunities to interact with reading and writing in meaningful ways. Reading and writing workshop are essential components for supporting children at various levels of proficiency. Both the school and classroom libraries provide students with appropriately matched books that align with their individual reading levels.

Our Collaboratory is a space where our students are immersed in “maker” supplies, including art, tools and technology, to further foster and encourage creative thinking and problem solving. Just as surrounding children with books will motivate them to read, we believe that surrounding them with tools to tinker will motivate them to design, create, and innovate. Robotics, art, engineering, inventing, building, and design challenges will all serve to inspire and build creative confidence, develop critical thinking, and foster collaborative teamwork in our Estock Eagles.